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Our mission is to create a greater Magnificient Gas to promote LPG as a clean and environmental friendly fuel and to make LPG a compulsory and versatile energy source in Nigeria.

We are committed to supporting a cleaner environment, helping the nation meets its energy needs, investing in people and improving shareholders' value on a sustainable basis.
  To be the most respected and admired LPG company in Nigeria known for:
  • High standards of quality
  • Excellence in customer satisfaction
  • Integrity, Honesty and Social Responsibility
  • Products/Services preferred by every Nigerian household.
  Customer Service - We strive for excellence

People-Oriented - Our colleagues are the most valued assets

Teamwork - We do things together

Integrity - We are honest and transparent

Simplicity - We keep things simple

Adaptability - We manage change

Communication - We listen, we act

Corporate Responsibility - We care
Supply valves and regulators
Supply of new LPG Cylinders 12.5kg, 6kg, and 50kg.
We also brand cylinders.

LPG Pump (Direct Coupling)


LPG Compressor


Rugged Digital Filling Scale for Gas Plant

Supply of LPG Generators/Conversion Kits:
We Supply LPG Generators ranging between 2.1kva and 5kva which is economical, environmental friendly and free from carbon monoxide emissions. Conversion Kits for LPG generators are available to convert your Petrol powered generator to LPG/Gas powered generators.

Benefits of LPG Generator:

  • Lower running costs / Economical Great flexibility from extended running time (according to cylinder size).
  • Cleaner emissions allows use in sensitive situations (such as around food).
  • Lower maintenance costs from extended life of spark plugs and oil. (Spark Plugs for LPG generators last for at least 2 years before replacement.
  • LPG generators use clean fuel and are quieter and last longer than Petrol Generator

Auto Gas Conversion Kits
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